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New research holds exceptional promise for finally treating antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) at its source, thereby neutralizing all aspects of the condition. We have discovered a new way to block NETs using drugs that are already approved for treatment in clinics, as well as experimental drugs. As testing continues, our hope is that this approach will lead to a significant improvement in quality of life and function for patients around the world. We are tackling APS from many angles, and are also studying the mechanisms of blood vessel injury; researching better blood markers of disease activity; and investigating the role of immune system and inflammatory cells as mediators of tissue injury, to name just a few.

Additionally, we are continuously conducting clinical trials and are leading several large national and international projects focused on tracking the progress of the disease in patients. We have established an APS registry to assemble clinical, genetic, radiological, and laboratory information that can be studied in the search for more effective treatments and a cure. 

With help from our donors, we are able to keep our research moving forward, with the goal of making life safer, more comfortable, and less unpredictable for hundreds of thousands of people living with the interruptions and fear of APS.

This is what clotting looks like.

Dr. Jason Knight and Dr. Yu (Ray) Zuo host an APS Research Talk and Virtual Lab Tour.

In addition to conducting APS research, Dr. Knight’s lab is also investigating COVID-19. Their current research shows that a significant percentage of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 had autoimmune antiphospholipid antibodies, which are typically seen in patients who have APS. Dr. Knight’s lab is taking their expertise and knowledge learned over the years researching APS and applying it to their research on COVID-19 to identify possible treatment options.

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To make a gift to support our COVID-19 research, please visit: COVID-19 Research Fund (Knight Lab).

To make a gift to support our APS research, please visit: APS Gift Fund (Knight Lab).

If you have any questions or need help making a gift, please contact the Department of Internal Medicine Development Office (Lori Hirshman: or 734-763-6080).

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