Resident Life

We take the balance of life and training very seriously. The importance of managing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle improves our residents' ability to learn and to effectively care for patients. Whether it is a small or large gathering, football game, dinner out, or enjoying a movie together, our residents regularly hang out and enjoy spending time together. Learn more.

A Day in the Life

You graduated medical school and now you are ready for your medical residency. While the goals are the same, no two programs are a like. Explore our Day in the Life web page to give you an idea of what our program is like from the perspective of two of our first-year residents, Rachel Hechtman and Christian Alch, and one of our seniors, Virginia Sheffield! Learn more.

Michigan stadium

The city of Ann Arbor provides a diverse, vibrant intellectual community, numerous recreational opportunities, and a bustling young professional scene. With something for everyone, it is no wonder that Livability ranked Ann Arbor the #1 place to live in 2018 and National Geographic listed it as one of the best small cities in America. Learn more.