Awards and Recognition

Bruce A. Jones Award for Outstanding House Staff Spirit

Residents often identify one of their peers as that individual who promotes a positive attitude despite the challenging circumstances at hand. The individual selected for this award embodies a sense of enthusiasm that is often infectious. The recipient of this award is seen as a collegial, generous individual with a strong sense of collaboration and can do attitude. The recipient of this award is selected by program leadership.

2020, Maya Dassanyake, MD; Jacob Mack, MD
2019, James Brehany, IV, MD
2018, James Uebel, MD
2017, James Uebel, MD
2016, Zachary Haupt, MD; Garth Strohbehn, MD
2015, Dennis Chen, MD
2015, Ashwin Gupta, MD
2014, Natalie Cohen, MD
2013, Amy Hosmer, MD
2012, Asher Shafton, MD
2011, Lindsay Nicholson, MD
2010, Andrew Odden, MD

Dr. Jacob P. Deerhake Community Service Award

Dr. Jacob Deerhake, epitomized the extraordinary qualities we seek in our students, residents and faculty member.  Jake developed a terminal illness during his last year of training, which extended into his Chief Residency year in 2004. Jake left us prematurely due to advanced disease, but before he did, as part of his legacy he wanted to promote and recognize the engagement of residents in community service, thus he developed this award. The recipient of this award is selected by program leadership.

2022, Ariel Jordan, MD; Rayan Kaakati, MD
2020, Ade Nuga, MD
2019, Emily Jacobson, MD
2018, Nicholas Helmstetter, MD; Marie Pfarr, MD
2017, William A. Rearick, MD, MPH
2016, Stephanie Royer, MD
2015, Amanda Lyon, MD; Jessica Parsh, MD
2014, Robin Goldman, MD
2013, Jeanne Rittschof, MD
2012, Megan Wilson, MD
2011, Catherine Bonham, MD; Fausta Ditah, MD
2010, Shivdev Rao, MD

Galens Medical Society Bronze Beepers Award

The Galens Medical Society members award Bronze Beepers to house officers who they feel have been exemplar in their teaching duties towards medical students.

2021, John Coda, MD; Rafey Feroze, MD, PhD; Ginny Sheffield, MD
2020, Craig Hansen, MD; Jacob Mack, MD; Kevin Platt, MD; Virginia Sheffield, MD
2019, Julie Barrett, MD, MPH; Paul Christine, MD, PhD
2018, Jonathan Bender, MD; Kathryn Levy, MD; Jeremy Slivnick, MD
2017, Daniel Cronin, MD; Kathryn Levy, MD; James Uebel, MD; Frank Weinberg, MD
2016, Amit Gupta, MD; Jessica Voit, MD
2013, Joshua Levenson, MD
2012, David Stewart, MD; Laura Taylor, MD
2011, Sophia Califano, MD; Carl Hammaker, MD; Eric Riles, MD, MPH; Jessica Tsui, MD; Javier Valle, MD
2010, Geoffrey Barnes, MD; Michael McNamara, MD; Javier Valle, MD

Henry Fitzbutler Award for Excellence in Hospital Medicine

This award is conferred upon the fourth-year medical student who best displayed clinical and scholarly excellent in the field of Hospital Medicine. The award honors the life and accomplishments of Dr. Henry Fitzbutler who was the first African American to graduate from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1872.

2021, Armani Hawes, MD 
2020, Brianna Lynn Maroukis, MD
2019, Owen Thompson, MD
2018, Thomas Goslinga, MD
2016, Kaoru Harada, MD
2015, Michael Chu, MD
2014, Betty Zhao, MD
2013, Stephanie Chen, MD

Kenneth R. Stark Internal Medicine House Officer Research Award

The award, named after one of our former graduates Kenneth (Ken) R. Stark, is given to recognize the most salient work by residents. Dr. Stark was an MD, PhD graduate of our program in 2002 who won the research award upon his graduation for his work in understanding clotting disorders. He was passionate about science and that is the spirit in which this award is given. Dr. Stark suffered a devastating illness shortly after graduating from our program, which led to his very premature passing. The awardees are selected based on scores obtained from faculty observers during the research day.

2022, Talha Anwar, MD; Marianne Kerski, MD; Kyle Yoo, MD; Stephanie Spehar, MD; Adam Markovitz, MD; Keerthi Gondi MD
2020, Emily Harlan, MD; Jordan Maxey, MD (Oral)
2019, Nicole Hadeed, MD; H. Catherine Miller, MD (Oral)
2019, Eric Lin, MD; Virginia Sheffield, MD (Poster)
2018, Matthew Thau, MD; Apurba Chakrabarti, MD (Oral) 
2018, Michael Henry, MD; Rachel Powell, MD (Poster)
2017, Krasimira Mikhova, MD; Calen Steiner, MD; Joshua Turkeltaub, MD; Ashraf Saleh, MD
2016, Amy Chang, MD; Dennis Hsu, MD; Tim Kaselitz, MD; Andrew Putnam, MD; 
2015, Andrew Admon, MD; Kamal Menghrajani, MD; Ashmita Chatterjee, MD; Dennis Chen, MD
2014, Andrew Hughey, MD; Mosmi Surati, MD, PhD
2013, Mark Benson, MD, PhD; Paul Corsello, MD; Benjamin Teply, MD; Jie Wang, MD

Internal Medicine Award for the Most Outstanding House Officer

The individual selected for this award embodies the qualities sought in our young physicians: resourceful, committed, generous, the go-to person, empathetic, kind and genuine. Co-residents, students, faculty, and staff recognize this individual for their high standards of practice, commitment to excellence, and selfless approach to others. The recipient of this award is selected by peer balloting.

2021, All 2020-2021 Internal Medicine and Medicine-Pediatric House Officers
2020, Paul Christine, MD
2019, Julie Barrett, MD, MPH; Jacob Mack, MD
2018, Kevin Platt, MD
2017, Daniel Cronin, MD
2016, Amit Gupta, MD
2015, Andrew Admon, MD
2014, Jared Wilkinson, MD
2013, Jeffrey Bruckel, MD
2012, Vedran Radojcic, MD
2011, Sophia Califano, MD
2010, Mohamad Kenaan, MD

Laurie Edmunds Award for the Most Outstanding House Officer

The award is named in honor of Laurie Edmonds who was an intern from 1984 to 1985. She was highly dedicated charismatic and hard-working individual who suffered an untimely passing during a bicycle related accident. The awardee is selected by peer balloting.

2022, Tessa Adzemovic, MD; Alyssa Chang, MD
2020, Mary Finta, MD; Max Nagle, MD
2019, Scott Ketcham, MD; Sarah Uttal, MD
2018, Virginia Sheffield, MD
2018, Paul Christine, MD
2017, Russell Dolan, MD
2016, Morgan Jones, MD, PhD
2015, Bryan Peterson, MD, PhD
2014, Jared Wilkinson, MD
2013, Andrew Admon, MD
2012, Rishi Chanderraj, MD
2011, Dejan Micic, MD
2010, Samar Sheth, MD

Award for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

The Internal Medicine Residency Program Award for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice recognizes an individual or team training in Internal Medicine (including preliminary year) or Medicine-Pediatrics who have made meaningful contributions to our training programs, Michigan Medicine, and/or our communities through advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

  • 2022, LGBTQ+ Curriculum, Awareness, and Allyship: Kara Jencks, MD; Maxwell Rogoski, MD, PhD; Averey Strong, MD
  • 2022, Implicit Bias Curriculum: Kara Jencks, MD; Diana Kakos, MD; Cat McDermott, MD; Andrew Wong, MD

Culture Champion Award

Fulfilment and success in medical training and practice require collegiality, inclusion, and teamwork in positive, supportive environments. Aligned with our programs’ values, the Internal Medicine Residency Program Culture Champion Award recognizes residents training in either Internal Medicine (including preliminary year) or Medicine-Pediatrics whose contributions to the training programs instill camaraderie and exemplify inclusion, teamwork, and willingness to support their peers while contributing to positive environments that enable everyone to thrive.

2022, Nelish Ardeshna, MD; Michael McLane, MD