Geriatrics Center Receives Gift to Support Biology of Aging Research

September 3, 2021

AgelessRx, a telemedicine platform that provides direct access to safe, scientifically-proven prescription therapies, has committed to provide a gift of $10,000 to the Michigan Medicine Division of Geriatric and Palliative Medicine Geriatrics Center to establish the “AgelessRx Biology of Aging Research Fund”.

“As a community of longevity experts, doctors, and scholars, AgelessRx is fully committed to the invaluable role research plays in medicine and the limitless opportunities it presents for the future,” said Anar Isman, Co-Founder and CEO of AgelessRx. “We know that Dr. Richard Miller is a leading researcher on the biology of aging and our hope is that our gift will enable Dr. Miller to make further strides in this area.”

Richard Miller, MD, PhD is the Associate Director of Research for the Geriatrics Center, Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Aging Research, Research Professor at the Institute of Gerontology, and Professor of Pathology. Dr. Miller’s research interests include immunology and aging, diets and mutations that slow aging in mice, drugs that extend the lifespan in mice, and comparative biology of aging.

“We, at the Geriatrics Center, are thankful for this gift from AgelessRx, said Dr. Miller. "We will be able to select, each summer, a talented undergraduate student who is excited about aging research and get him or her off to a good start towards a possible career in biogerontology. We're very grateful to Mr. Isman and his colleagues for their trust in and support of our program."