Gifts from Alumni

Robert DeLap, MD, and Linda DeLap, PhD

Robert J. DeLap, MD (Residency ’81), and his wife Linda W. DeLap, PhD, have contributed to a variety of activities within the Medical School and the Department of Internal Medicine for more than twenty years. Robert completed his Internal Medicine residency at Michigan in 1981, and currently serves as Vice President of Global Medical Research at Celgene Corporation. Re-cently, they have graciously given a generous gift to fund the Internal Medicine Resident Global Rotation Travel Fund. The Global Rotation Travel Fund, which is matched by U-M President Mary Sue Coleman, will provide an annual award to Internal Medicine Department resi-dents participating in an international rotation to offset travel, lodging and other expenses for their trip.

Dr. DeLap mentions that, “in addition to providing out-standing educational opportunities and excellence in research, Michigan continues to provide thoughtful leadership in addressing important societal issues. As alumni, my wife and I have benefited from the Michigan experience and we are honored to share in supporting the work of the University. We recognize that philanthropy is important to enable the University to foster innovative activities, to serve today’s needs and strengthen tomorrow’s leaders."

Homer Howes, MD, and Josephine Howes

A generous bequest was given to the U-M Allergy Division by the late Homer A. Howes, MD (Residency ‘38) and his wife, Josephine C. Howes. Dr. Howes, a longtime supporter of the John M. Sheldon Allergy Society, left his bequest to the University of Michigan Sheldon Society.

Dr. Howes received all of his training at the University of Michigan, starting with his MD in 1936. He completed residency in 1938 and his fellowship training under the direction of Dr. Sheldon in 1942. Dr. Howes was a member of the Michigan Allergy and Asthma Society and a Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology. He was also honored at the John M. Sheldon Allergy Society Tri-Annual meeting in July 2006 for his outstanding service to the Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Lawrence Lee, MD, and Sylvia Lee

Lawrence Lee, MD, just happily celebrated his 75th birthday. Just like birthdays are an annual affair, Dr. Lee has loyally been supporting the U-M Allergy Division and the John M. Sheldon Allergy Society for more than 43 years. Dr. Lee completed his residency and then two years of a fellowship with the Allergy Division in 1968 and went on to develop his own successful practice. He remembers Dr. John Sheldon still doing rounds when he was training at U-M. When asked about his dedicated support, he explains, “I am extremely grateful for the experiences I had at Michigan. I believe the heart of medicine includes paying back for all of the training that enabled U-M fellows to become some of the finest clinical and academic allergists in the country. We owe it to ourselves to keep the allergy program among the ‘Leaders & Best’ not only locally but nationally.”

Primepares Pal, MD, and Jacqueline Pal, CNP

Former resident Primepares G. Pal, MD (Residency ’87)and his wife Jacqueline Market Pal, CNP established a new endowment to support travel expenses by residents during global rotations. While the Medical School supports the salary and benefits of residents during their month long global rotations, there has been no funding in the past for travel expenses. Dr. Pal has fond memories of his days at Michigan and recalls rounding in the Old Main Hospital with then department chair, Dr. William Kelley. He credits his thorough training here in Ann Arbor with his success in private practice. Dr. Pal is of Philippine descent and has demonstrated a commitment to serving the global community himself. He and Mrs. Pal have led medical missions to Honduras and the Philippines at their own expense.

Dr. Pal completed a fellowship in Infectious Diseases at UCLA and settled in the Twin Cities where he has practiced as an internist and hospitalist. Dr. Pal recently completed training and board certification in Phlebology, a new vein medicine specialty. He and Mrs. Pal founded and operate the Minnesota Vein Center.