Lab Member Spotlight - Claire Hoy

Claire Hoy, BS
Claire Hoy, BS

Claire Hoy, BS, a study coordinator and research laboratory technician in Dr. Jason Knight's Lab, joined the team in August 2020. Claire graduated from Denison University, Ohio, in May 2020 where she received her BS degree in Biology and a minor in Studio Art. 

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What parts of your work do you most enjoy?

I have a really cool position in the lab that allows me to participate in experiments and research while also recruiting patients to join our studies. I especially enjoy getting to meet patients! We are lucky to have people that are so interested in our research and willing to contribute by giving blood samples. I’ve been able to consent patients, process their blood, and then use that blood in experiments. I love being a part of the process of turning blood into data and results, and eventually treatments, I hope!

Claire in 1st Grade

Where did you grow up?

Ohio, but Cleveland, Ohio! Consider me Team Switzerland, football fans! However, before I even knew what football was, I did in fact dress up like this for Halloween in first grade.

Tell us about the education you've received so far

I graduated in May 2020 from a small liberal arts school in Ohio. I received my BS degree in Biology from Denison University and completed a minor in studio art. I followed the pre-med track while at college and took classes in the chemistry and physics departments, in addition to the courses in my major. On the science end, I would say my favorite classes were Immunology and Biochemistry. Since it was a liberal arts curriculum, I got to take a lot of unique classes like ceramics (which led me to becoming a studio assistant), a dance course that focused on the mind-body connection, and a Classics/English course on Ancient Greece’s influence on America which included a trip to Athens, Greece!

What interests you about antiphospholipid syndrome?

APS seems very understudied to me. This is a disorder that affects all ages and has a wide range of severity, but most people have never even heard of it (including many health care professionals). It’s interesting to learn about the manifestations that can play a role in one’s APS and how different each case is. It’s given me a greater appreciation of rheumatologists, like Dr. Knight and Dr. Zuo, and for the research that is done in our lab.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

In the near future I know I want to continue my education by getting a master’s degree in biomedical science or a similar field. Throughout my undergraduate education, I think I was so set on becoming a physician that I was never aware of the different opportunities and careers I could pursue in medicine. I’m still very interested in medical school, but I am also exploring other options.

Self portrait painted by Claire

What is something you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to work on my art. Typically, I’ve been painting, since I no longer have access to a ceramic studio. Since graduating from college, I’ve slowly started to get back into things I once enjoyed like riding a bike and reading for pleasure. I’m really into Gillian Flynn’s books currently. Some other things I enjoy are going on walks and hikes, doing puzzles with my roommate, shopping at thrift stores, adding new plants to my collection, and spending time with my cat, Delilah. She enjoys when I watch movies and shows with her, and taking naps together!

Photo of Delilah taken by Claire
Claire and Delilah