Clinical Experience and Quality

Kevin Chan, MD, Vice Chair for Clinical Experience and Quality

The Clinical Experience and Quality (CEQ) team provides oversight of Department of Internal Medicine clinical operations and quality/patient safety initiatives designed to enhance the clinical experience and quality of patient care. In addition, our Quality Council, comprised of representatives from each division in our department come together on a regular basis to establish strategies, review data, coordinate quality efforts, and work collaboratively across all divisions to make meaningful improvements. 

"I feel honored to work with such a great team who are passionate about providing safe and effective patient care." Kevin Chan, MD 


Mission and Vision


We are the source of innovative processes, safety, and quality improvement support, based on data and teamwork.


To create a culture of process and quality improvement inherent to all members of the Department of Internal Medicine.

Our Team

Kevin Chan, MD
Clinical Professor, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Vice Chair, Clinical Experience and Quality

Julie Wright-Nunes, MD, MPH
Associate Professor, Division of Nephrology
Associate Vice Chair, Clinical Experience and Quality

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Key Areas 


  • Assist divisions in preparing faculty leadership development and succession plans.
  • Facilitate the training and development of QI skills for trainees, faculty, and staff.


  • Improve health care disparities and equity across 13 divisions.
  • Collaborate with Michigan Medicine quality and patient safety councils and committees.


  • Utilize data and analytics to identify operational improvement opportunities
  • Develop transparent systems to share information and disseminate results


  • Augment onboarding and enhance provider billing and coding support
  • Ensure a systematic and fair approach to awarding protected effort and administrative differentials

Quality Council

Our Quality Council provides oversight, coordination, and input into the Quality Improvement activities of the Department of Internal Medicine Clinical Experience and Quality Program. It is comprised of representatives from each division of internal medicine, trainees, and patients who come together on a regular basis.

Faculty Quality Improvement Award

The Department of Internal Medicine Faculty Quality Improvement Award is designed to provide faculty with the time and resources to complete a quality improvement project from concept through implementation.  In addition, the award is designed to help develop leaders in quality improvement within the department by engaging in an immersive project leadership experience with support from our CEQ team. Once a year, we seek applications proposing projects that improve the value of care, clinical outcomes and that build on our strategy priorities. Applicants are required to provide a detailed description of the problem the project will attempt to address by illustrating their initial understanding of what is currently happening at a high level. Applications are evaluated by representatives of our Quality Council using a standard evaluation tool. Finalists then present their project idea, and a recipient is selected.