Our Team

Our Quality Council is the guiding committee of the Department of Internal Medicine Quality & Innovation Program. It is comprised of representatives from each division of internal medicine, trainees, and patients who come together on a regular basis to:

  • establish strategic plans for quality within the department
  • review performance data
  • coordinate and align quality efforts
  • work across divisions to make meaningful improvements

Performance Improvement

We assist with performance improvement projects from idea conception to completion. Our approach and service can be customized to meet the needs of the project.

  • Overall management of quality and performance improvement projects, including charter development, project scoping, analysis, status reporting, barrier resolution, and implementation support
  • Expertise and facilitation of improvement methodologies such as lean and data support
  • Collaborate with departmental administrative support areas (i.e. HR, Finance, Facilities, Research Admin., etc.)
  • Connect with other Michigan Medicine quality, data, and educational resources
  • Teach and mentor to develop improvement skills throughout the project (i.e. lean coaching, QI tools, etc.)
  • Share and connect our work across department and Michigan Medicine

Department and Program Leadership

  • Roma Gianchandani, MBBS, Associate Vice Chair, Quality & Innovation
  • Musty Habhab, Chief Administrative Officer, Department of Internal Medicine
  • Kendra Brown, Director of Clinical Affairs, Department of Internal Medicine

Contact Us

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.