Quality Improvement Award

2020-2021 Quality Improvement Award

The application window for the 2020-2021 Quality Improvement Award is now open. View application details.  

The Department of Internal Medicine Faculty Quality Improvement Award is designed to help develop leaders in quality improvement within the department. To apply, faculty members must propose a quality improvement project, providing a detailed description of the problem the project will attempt to address including the underlying causes of the problem, goals of the proposed project, and a summary of the expected outcomes. Applicants are also required to include the setting and impact, approach, and the significance of the project including how it will improve clinical practice. One award is given per academic year.

Each application is reviewed by a committee consisting of a selection of representatives from the Quality & Innovation Program and the Council. A patient advisor is also included as a member of the review committee. The Review Committee considers the below questions when assessing each application:

  • Is the applicant qualified and ready to undertake the project and complete it within 1 year?
  • Is the scope of the project something that is achievable by the applicant within the planned setting?
  • Does this project have the potential for significant impact on the quality of care for our patients?
  • Is the approach described sound and appropriate for achieving the goals of the project?
  • Have potential barriers been carefully considered and appropriate strategies to tackling them been identified?

Past Winners

2019-2020 Faculty Quality Improvement Award Recipient

U-M Division of Hospital Medicine, Dr. Daniel Giesler
 Daniel Giesler, MD

Daniel Giesler, MD, Division of Hospital Medicine

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Daniel Giesler from the Division of Hospital Medicine has been selected as this years’ recipient of the Department of Internal Medicine’s Faculty Quality Improvement Award. Dr. Giesler’s project, “Reducing Overuse of Antibiotics at Discharge (ROAD) Home,” was selected from a pool of high quality submissions.

Antibiotics prescribed at hospital discharge account for more than half of antibiotic exposure related to hospitalization for common infections. Furthermore, antibiotics prescribed at discharge are major contributors to excessive antibiotic duration and potentially inappropriate use. However, methods to improve antibiotic use at hospital discharge have not been well developed. Fortunately, more clinical and diagnostic data are available at the time of discharge making it an opportune time to perform an antibiotic “timeout,” allowing providers to be more mindful about continued antibiotic use.

The ROAD Home project team, which includes representatives from Hospital Medicine and Pharmacy, seeks to improve antibiotic use at hospital discharge through the implementation of a pharmacist-delivered antibiotic timeout and checklist. They hope to reduce antibiotic overuse and Clostridioides difficile infection.


2018-2019 Faculty Quality Improvement Award Recipient

U-M Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Dr. Rajan Ravikumar
Rajan Ravikumar, MD

Rajan Ravikumar, MD, Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Our first recipient is Dr. Rajan Ravikumar from the Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, whose multi-disciplinary project aims to improve the appropriate use of antibiotics in hospitalized patients. The team, including Dr. Tejal Gandhi from the Division of Infectious Diseases, Dr. David Bozaan from the Division of Hospital Medicine and representatives from pharmacy, nursing, and Health Information and Technology Services (HITS), will evaluate the impact of a penicillin skin-testing protocol designed to help separate out the significant number of patients who report an allergy to penicillin but don’t have a true IgE-mediated reaction to it. The goal is for more patients be safely treated with first-line antibiotics.