Clinical Research

Rodica Pop-Busui, MD, PhD

Rodica Pop-Busui, MD, PhD - "It’s an exciting time to witness and be part of this large initiative at Michigan Medicine to redesign the clinical trials enterprise with a long-term goal of overhauling the entire clinical research enterprise of our institution." Learn more.

The Clinical Trials Academy, offered jointly by the Department of Internal Medicine and the Medical School, is a hands-on training program in clinical research and clinical trial design. This year's class, consisting of twelve faculty members, graduated on August 1, 2019. Learn more.

Anna Mathew, MD is our latest Clinical Research Spotlight. She is active in translational research studying chronic kidney disease, diabetic kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease using metabolomics and proteomics approaches. Learn more.

A federal grant has helped U-M and five other institutions launch a collaborative effort to research the common and costly complication of diabetes. Learn more.

Rajiv Saran, MD, Director of the U.S. Renal Data System Coordinating Center based at the U-M, just released the 2019 Annual Data Report: Epidemiology of Kidney Disease in the United States. Learn more.

Lona Moday, MD, MSc led a study published by Clinical Infectious Diseases that found 10% of patients in hospitals had multidrug-resistant organisms on their hands. Learn more.