Staff Award for Excellence - Shelley Boa

Shelley Boa

Shelley and husband, Todd

Business Manager, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Medicine

Nominator, Carrie Brown : "Because of Shelley’s leadership and drive, she has developed structure for faculty and staff, motivated administrative staff by supporting and creating their purpose and achieved department goals by implementing new systems. Shelley was an anchor for our division as we managed through an extremely challenging 11 months that brought more clinical assignments, frequent policy changes and less staff." 

Work Performance

Shelley Boa has been the business manager for Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine since 2018. Since entering this role, Shelley has exhibited excellence in every aspect of her work. Shelley views every challenge as an opportunity to learn, engage stakeholders, build relationships and institute change management. Exemplary work performance examples:

  • Identifies areas of opportunity in current processes and implement change to create clarity and efficiency.
  • Worked closely with a performance consultant from employee engagement to build on existing foundations of communication by creating workshops for the team to engage in to create a team purpose statement.
  • Explored all the utilization Qgenda offers and instituted new processes using this system to create accuracy and efficiency in outpatient and inpatient management.
  • Quickly turned around new inpatient schedules when Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine was asked to work in the RICU. This task was beyond building a scheduling; it also involved timely communication to the team, flexibility around provider schedules and adaptability around the changing need of the patient population.


Shelley leads by example by exuding Michigan Medicines core values; integrity, caring, teamwork and innovation. Over these past 11 months, Shelley's leadership has been tested as she was asked to lead during an extremely challenging time. Shelley was able to stay calm, support her team and be adaptable through the ever changing landscape. Leadership Example: - Through her leadership, the team was able to identify their purpose and in turn their value in the division. This was accomplished through structured workshops and team building exercises. This project was completed pre-pandemic, and I truly believe without this foundation are team would not have been as successful converting to remote work and being able to still stay connected to the division and their role within it. -Ensures process changes are coupled with training and support. When we moved towards managing clinic closes through qgenda, Shelley brought in qgenda reps and offered various sessions for staff to participate in. She also create a step by step tutorial for staff to revisit as a refresher.

Customer Service

Shelley ensures that all her customers are identified, the support for those customers clearly outlined and efficiencies created around that support. Shelley has the ability to shift between different types of customers and help them navigate this large system. She sets clear concise expectations for her customers and provides timelines to help plan. As a leader, she instills this knowledge on the support staff so they can also reflect excellent customer service. Examples of Shelley's commitment to customer service: - Created efficiency and clarity around divisional processes that supports both faculty and staff. HR can be a challenging area for faculty and managers to navigate; from posting a position, interviewing candidates, hiring and performance management. Shelley centralized all this support and is the sole contact for this process. In turn this have created a better partnership with the department HR and has created efficiency for that team. -Rapidly identified and reassigned work when staff were furloughed to ensure there were no gaps in support. Although a lot of normal faculty support halted during the height of the pandemic, with the ramp down of outpatient clinics and the ramp up of inpatient services, staff had to step up to support faculty. With three staff taking furlough, Shelley quickly assessed and reassigned support so faculty did not feel the impact of those leaves.

Process Improvement

Shelley utilizes LEAN principles in her everyday work process. She identifies the customer needs, defines the end goal, eliminates waste from the work flow and frequently revisits to prefect the process. Process Improvement examples:

  • Shelley works closely with Qgenda to develop and build a process for clinic closing and session counts. She worked tirelessly to ensure accuracy in the system. As part of her leadership over this process, Shelley in partnership with HITS business analysis, formed a committee for Qgenda end-users across MM. This committee meets bi-monthly with Qgenda reps to discuss process improvements, learn about new tools being developed and share best practices.
  • Shelley streamlined the HR process within the division. Prior to Shelley being promoted to Business manager there was not a structured process for posting positions, hiring staff and on/off boarding.