Childbirth & Family Planning


There are many differences in pregnancy management between Japan and the United States. The physicians and staff of the Japanese Family Health Program are experts in these differences and will make every effort to see that your pregnancy is a positive, happy experience.

We advise our patients to schedule a preconception counseling visit at least three months prior to the time you would like to conceive. At that time, a prenatal vitamin will be prescribed to help prevent birth defects. We will also take a blood test to check for anemia and for immunity to rubella.

When pregnancy is suspected, you should call for a "nurse visit" to have a pregnancy test. After a positive pregnancy test, a medical history will be taken, the necessary blood tests will be taken and educational prenatal information will be supplied to you.

A regular schedule of visits with one of our Japanese-speaking doctors will provide the needed prenatal care at the recommended intervals. Fathers are invited to attend all prenatal visits with the mother and, with advanced planning, other family members are also welcome.

We offer monthly parent (prenatal) classes for mothers and fathers; a family tour of the hospital is suggested in advance of the delivery. Our patients deliver at the University of Michigan Maternal and Child Health Center (MCHC). In the U.S., fathers are welcomed and encouraged to attend the delivery!


  • Prenatal Care
  • Preparation for Labor and Delivery
  • Postpartum Care
  • Newborn Care and Immunizations
  • Breast Feeding Advice
  • Postpartum Depression Screening and Care