Employee & Family Health


Your health and well-being—and that of your entire family—is of the utmost importance to us. To ensure that you receive the best possible medical care, we take the time to review your specific needs, concerns, risk factors and medical history. The recommendations we make for your health care are based on the epidemiology of disease in Japan.

Services: Human Dry Dock Physicals

Select a course from packaged courses available. (Packaged courses—available upon request—are not for insurance coverage.)
Medical History is collected via a Japanese/English health evaluation form which is sent to you before your first visit.
Your health evaluation form is thoroughly reviewed and a Risk Factor Assessment is conducted.

Routine tests based on packaged courses are performed to detect diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes, liver disease, anemia, kidney disorders, arthritis, cancers or other common problems.
Depending on your age and gender, additional procedures such as mammography or prostate cancer screening will also be scheduled.

After a thorough medical examination and a private consultation with your physician, you will have ample time to discuss your medical concerns or to find answers to any health questions you may have.

If necessary, when all test results are complete, we will meet with you again to review our findings and to consider any additional procedures or tests which may be indicated.

The results of all tests and examinations will be sent to you in both Japanese and English. With the patient's consent, results of the physical examination can be mailed directly to the employer. Discounted packaged pricing is available. (Please contact our office for eligibility.) Our services qualify for the employee's annual physical examination.