Your First Visit


Staying healthy should be a positive experience. That's why we've done everything possible to make you feel safe, comfortable and welcome. We believe that if you feel good about coming to see your doctor, you'll feel even better when you leave.

Here's What You Can Expect at Your First Visit:

You will be greeted by our receptionist and asked to complete a registration form. You may also be asked to fill out a medical history form.

Someone from our staff will guide you to an examination room and provide any necessary check-in medical care. (Patients under the age of 18 may need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

The physician will listen to your concerns, review any relevant medical history, conduct an examination and recommend a treatment plan. At this time, a prescription may be provided or additional tests may be ordered. (In some cases, it may be necessary to make additional visits in order to resolve all of your health care concerns.)

When your visit is completed, our receptionist will collect your copayment or arrange for billing to your insurance company. Because there are numerous insurance programs in the U.S., with widely varying options, we regret that we cannot assist you with questions concerning your insurance coverage. To eliminate any confusion, we recommend that you contact your company's insurance or health care benefits manager or contact your insurance provider directly.

Before you leave, our receptionist will help you schedule any necessary follow-up appointments and direct you to the lab, pharmacy or other medical facilities as needed.

Please bring the following each time your visit:

  • Your patient registration number from the University of Michigan Health System (unless you are a new patient),
  • Current immunization records, medications and other medical information,
  • A list of prescription medicines which need to be refilled,
  • All health insurance cards,
  • Any medical forms that need to be filled out by a physician and
  • A list of written questions for our health care team.