Executive Physicals


While many Japanese families live abroad, one of the utmost concerns they may have is to make sure that their family's medical concerns are properly addressed. Many of them may feel concerns over not being able to have their annual health maintenance exams or the "Dock" style comprehensive physicals while living in the United States. In order to customize such needs, the University of Michigan Japanese Family Health Program is pleased to provide a Japanese-style comprehensive Executive Physical Program.

Main features of this program are as follows:

  • Japanese-speaking physicians, licensed in family medicine, are available to see clients and review their medical history, provide medical examinations and patient teaching.
  • Reports are written in Japanese, so that it may be easier for patients to understand.
  • Blood tests and X-rays are done on the same day.
  • If additional diagnostic testing and/or treatments are indicated, our Japanese-speaking staff is readily available to make further arrangements for clients.
  • Comprehensive physicals designed for Japanese populations that are only available in metropolitan cities, such as New York and California, are available here in Michigan with competitive package contents and prices.
  • Unlike many other facilities, which provide only the screening procedures, we will provide continuity of care, when medically indicated.
  • Physicians in our program are licensed in family medicine; therefore, not only adult patients are seen for screening, we can provide medical care for pediatric, OBGYN, and mental helth services, as well.
  • Arrangements are promptly made when referrals to specialist are ordered. A free Japanese interpreter service is available.
  • A Japanese-speaking social worker can provide counseling when mental health care is needed. We also provide prenatal care and parenting classes spoken in Japanese.
  • Continuity of care may be possible for patients who return to the Nagoya area in Japan. We have a partnership with physicians at the Nagoya University General Medicine Department.