Things to Know About Our Comprehensive Executive Physcials Program

  1. A variety of Executive Physical packages is available to suit individual needs. When you select a package, we recommend you consider not only the age of the patient, but also the medical history and current physical conditions.
  2. Please note that these Executive Physical packages are NOT covered by insurance. Payment can be made via your company or by the individual (use of credit card is accepted). If you have any concerns, Please feel free to contact us.
  3. Those who wish to have the regular health maintenance exam (HME) via insurance, please contact (734) 615-3413 to schedule an appointment. Diagnostic tests are ordered by our physicians, if clinically indicated, based on the patient's medical history and conditions. Formal written reports will not be provided for a regular HME.
  4. Due to some limitation at our facility, extensive diagnostic testing, such as colonoscopy, ultrasound, and mammogram, will not be included in our Executive Physical packages. However, if the physician determines, based on history and symptoms, that you need further testing, we will be glad to schedule an appointment for you, using your insurance coverage. If you have any concerns, in regards to past medical history and/or family history, and are not sure if further testing is needed, please consult with our physicians.
  5. When additional tests are ordered, please contact your insurance provider or your employer/human resource personnel, to see if your insurance will cover the tests.
  6. Women only: If you would like to get your Pap smear taken, please make sure to schedule your appointment when you are not menstruating. Also if there is a chance you may be pregnant, please contact our office ahead of times. Since X-rays during pregnancy is hazardous, consultation with our nursing staff will be advised.