Research Notebook

Recommended readings for family medicine residents conducting original projects

Table of Contents 

A. Longitudinal Curriculum Goal and Objectives  [Japanese]

B. Original Project Overview [English & Japanese]

C. Asking Research Questions

1) “Developing Appropriate Research for Family Medicine: Finding a Good Project” and “Asking Questions” (Fetters, Inoue & Crabtree) [English & Japanese]

2) Overview - “Clinical Research” Miller and Crabtree, Chapter 23 [English]

D. Project Types and Examples

1) Original Research – See C. above “Developing Appropriate Research….”

a. Example - Depth interviews, Part II - Fetters – “Qualitative Research Part II: An Example of Qualitative Research on Cancer Disclosure” [Japanese]

b. Example - Depth Interviews - Sebata "Individual Interviews with Elderly in a Rural Area: Expectations for Medical Care Services" [Japanese]

c. Example - Focus Groups - Sebata et. al. "Methodological Issues of Focus Groups" by Sebata, et. al. [Japanese]

d. Example - Focus Groups/Survey - Sebata et. al. "Analysis of the Validity of the Qualitative Research Methodology through a Post-Interview Survey" [Japanese]

e. Example - Focus Groups - Sebata et. al. "Focus Group Investigation on Expectations of Elderly People from Health Care Facilities and Physicians" [Japanese]

f. Example - Content Analysis - Forman & Damschroder "Qualitative Content Analysis" [English]

2) Survey Research

a. Methodology - Aikens et. al. - "Developing Surveys in Family Medicine Reserach" [English & Japanese]

b. Example - Kitamura et. al. - “Contraceptive Care by Family Physicians and General Practitioners in Japan: Attitudes and Practices”  [English]

3) Continuous Quality Improvement

a. Example - Speroff – “Study Designs for PDSA Quality Improvement Research” [English]

b. Example – Stroebel – “How Complexity Science Can Inform a Reflective Process for Improvement in Primary Care Practices” [English]

4) Curriculum Development

a. Example - Asai & Fetters – “JIM J Report…e-learning Integrated Medicine” [Japanese]

5) COPC (Community Oriented Primary Care)

a. Example - “Community-Oriented Primary Care (COPC)” [Japanese]

b. Example - "A Community-based Intervention to Improve HPV Vaccination and Cervical Cancer Screening" by Ito and Takenoshita – [English]

6) Clinical Policy Analysis

a. Example - Fetters – “Effectiveness of Vaginal Papanicolaou Smear Screening after Total Hysterectomy for Benign Disease” [English]