Kohrman Laboratory Publications

Selected Publications

  • Schacht J, Altschuler RA, Burke DT, Chen S, Dolan DF, Galeckic AT, Kohrman DC, and Miller RA. Alleles that modulate late life hearing in genetically heterogeneous mice. Neurobiology of Aging 33:1842.e15-29, 2012.
  • Gong TW, Fairfield DA, Fullarton L, Dolan DF, Kohrman DC, Altschuler RA, and Lomax MI. Induction of heat shock proteins by hyperthermia and noise over-stimulation in Hsf1-/- mice. Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology 13:29-37, 2012.
  • Odeh H, Hunker KL, Belyantseva IA, Azaiez H, Avenarius MR, Zheng L, Peters LM, Gagnon LH, Hagiwara N, Skynner MJ, Brilliant MH, Allen ND, Riazuddin S, Johnson KR, Raphael Y, Najmabadi H, Friedman TB, Bartles JR, Smith RJH, and Kohrman DC. Mutations in Grxcr1 are the basis for inner ear dysfunction in the pirouette mouse. American Journal of Human Genetics 86:148-160, 2010.
  • Shen Y-C, Jeyabalan AK, Wu KL, Hunker KL, Kohrman DC, Thompson DL, Liu D and Barald KF. The transmembrane inner ear (tmie) gene contributes to vestibular and lateral line development and function in the zebrafish (Danio rerio). Developmental Dynamics 237:941-52, 2008.
  • Gong TWL, Karolyi JI, MacDonald J, Kohrman DC, Camper SA, and Lomax MI. Age-related changes in cochlear gene expression in normal and shaker 2 mice. Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology 7:317-28, 2006.
  • Odeh H, Hagiwara N, Skynner M, Mitchem KL, Beyer LA, Allen N, Brilliant M, Lebart MC, Dolan DF, Raphael Y, and Kohrman DC. Characterization of two transgene insertional mutations at pirouette, a mouse deafness locus. Audiology & Neuro-otology 9:303-314, 2004.
  • Karolyi IJ, Probst FJ, Beyer LA, Odeh H, Dootz G, Cha KB, Martin D, Avraham KB, Kohrman DC, Dolan DF, Raphael Y and Camper SA. Myo15 function is distinct from Myo6, Myo7a, and pirouette genes in development of cochlear stereocilia. Human Molecular Genetics 12:2797-2805, 2003.
  • Naz S, Giguere CM, Kohrman DC, Mitchem KL, Riazuddin S, Morell RJ, Ramesh A, Srisailpathy S, Deshmukh D, Riazuddin S, Griffith AJ, Friedman TB, Smith RJH and Wilcox ER. Mutations in a novel gene, TMIE, are associated with hearing loss linked to the DFNB6 locus. American Journal of Human Genetics, 71:632-636, 2002.
  • Mitchem KL, Hibbard E, Beyer LA, Bosom K, Dootz GA, Dolan DF, Johnson KR, Raphael Y and Kohrman DC. Mutation of the novel gene Tmie results in sensory cell defects in the inner ear of spinner, a mouse model of human hearing loss DFNB6. Human Molecular Genetics 11:1887-1898, 2002.
  • Beyer LA, Odeh H, Probst FJ, Lambert EH, Dolan DF, Camper SA, Kohrman DC and Raphael Y. Hair cells in the inner ear of the pirouette and shaker 2 mutant mice. Journal of Neurocytology 29:227-239, 2000.
  • Gong TL, Winnicki RS, Kohrman DC and Lomax MI. A novel mouse kinesin of the Unc-104/KIF1 subfamily encoded by the Kif1b gene. Gene 239:117-127, 1999.