Schacht Laboratory

The Schacht Laboratory was established in 1972. It has since published over 300 papers in scholarly journals, book chapters and reviews and presents its results regularly at national and international meetings. Seventeen students have graduated from the laboratory and over sixty postdoctoral fellows and visiting faculty from eighteen countries have been trained. The laboratory has also sponsored students in undergraduate and medical student research projects and hosted deaf and hearing impaired students for summer research internships.

Our research combines the tools of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology and physiology depending on the topic under investigation. Several major topics have been the focus of our research:

  • How the ear works: Biochemical and cell biological studies of cell communication and regulatory mechanisms in the inner ear (second messengers, transcription factors, gene expression)
  • How drugs cause deafness: mechanisms and prevention of drug-induced hearing loss (with emphasis on aminoglycoside antibiotics: gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin)
  • How our ears grow old: Mechanisms of age-related hearing loss

Research Highlights