Dr. Glenn Green

Glenn E. Green, M.D.

Professor, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

1540 E. Hospital Dr.

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-4241



Dr. Glenn Green is an associate professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the University of Michigan. After graduating in chemical engineering, he entered medical school at the University of Michigan. He completed an NIH-supported research fellowship followed by a subspecialty fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology. He has a clinical interest in translational interventions for communication disorders affecting speech and hearing.  He has developed surgical techniques and devices for complex airway reconstruction and is coinventor (along with Scott Hollister, PhD) of a 3D-printed tracheal splint. Other patents in process include 3D-printed scaffolds for facial reconstruction of auricular and nose defects, 3D-printed customized devices to treat airway obstruction in children with craniofacial defects and/or neurologic diseases and the use of antioxidants to prevent syndromic hearing loss.   He was part of the surgical team that successfully placed the first splint in an infant that had immediately life-threatening bronchomalacia under F.D.A. provisions for emergency use. He is the director of ongoing translational trials of 3D-printed devices in both humans and animals; and ongoing translation trials of antioxidants for hearing loss. He has won several awards ranging from the Kodak Valuable Idea Award (as an undergraduate student) to the Innovation Award from Popular Mechanics (2013 Breakthrough Awards, New York City).  He has over 50 publications related to both his clinical and his research work including the New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Genetics, and JAMA.  He has been widely featured including Scientific American, the New York Times, Forbes and Good Housekeeping.  He has been an invited speaker at TEDX talks and MakerFaire in Rome.  His constructs are on featured display at the British Science Museum in London.  His current work focuses on overcoming the barriers to implementing new discoveries and techniques into clinical practice.   This includes technological progress in 3D-printed constructs, defining the benefits of this technology to obtain approval from insurance companies and other gatekeepers, and working with the FDA to identify regulatory mechanisms for this technology.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Glenn Green's research interests include translational interventions in complex communications disorders involving speech and hearing. More specifically, complex airway reconstruction and speech development; genetic basis for complex syndromal disorders involving speech and hearing; intervention trials and devices for airway improvement, speech and hearing; and genetic basis of deafness and utility of genetic testing.

Clinical Interests


Honors & Awards

1982-1987      Full-tuition academic scholarship

1983-1987      Key Industry scholarships

1986                Kodak Valuable Idea Award

1988                Summer Research Fellowship, University of Michigan Medical School

1993                Neuroscience Travel Award

1995-1998      NIH Fellow (Training Grant)

1995 & 1996    ARO Travel Awards

2001                Vice President’s Award for Research, American Academy of Otolaryngology

2008                Hour Magazine – Top Doctors [only pediatric otolaryngologist named]

2008                Frank N. Ritter Award (granted annually for best teacher in otolaryngology)

2011                State of the Health System, featured physician

2012                Michigan Otolaryngology Society Award Program, first place, mentor

2012                Medical Innovation Center, Pediatric Inventor of the Year Award (with SJ Hollister)

2012                “You Make the Difference”  Gold Level Award.  University of Michigan

2013                Potsic Award (ASPO first prize basic science award) mentor

2013                Innovation Award, Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards (10/22/13, Manhattan, NY) (with SJ Hollister)

2013                Michigan Otolaryngology Society Award Program, third place, mentor

2013                MichBio Innovator of the Year Award (with SJ Hollister)

2013                DOTY award (M-Live Media Group)

2013                Exhibition, 3D-Printing the Future (British Science Museum, London)

2014                The CNN 10:  Healing the Future (voted first)

2014                Mimics Innovation Award (first place, North and South America)

2014                BioSocial Collaboration Award

2015                Marquis Who’s Who in America

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