Brittany MacIntyre, Precision Health Certificate Student

Brittany MacIntyre

Precision Health Program Certificate Student
College of Engineering Biomedical Engineering MS Student


Brittany is a second-year master’s student in the Biomedical Engineering program. She came into her master’s degree knowing she wanted to create biosensors and work with machine learning for diagnostic purposes. Working for Covance the year prior to her admission to the program, she gained a robust

understanding of drug development and learned how diagnostic tests on patient specimens were performed and analyzed. She realized, however, that it is hard to create drugs that are a one-size-fits-all and that the drugs were usually treating patients post-onset of their disease/ailment. Looking into machine learning, she discovered that there is the capability to make drugs and treatment plans that are more unique to a person and can detect disease markers early-on. Her career goals are to develop diagnostics to prevent diseases before they progress too far, and help people take a more personalized approach to their health. She also wishes to network more and be a leader in the application of machine learning in healthcare.