Claire Liu

Precision Health Program Certificate Student
School of Public Health MPH Student in Health Behavior and Health Education


Claire is in her 2nd year of her MPH in Health Behavior & Health Education. Switching from Biomolecular Science to Science and Technology Studies as an undergraduate student allowed her to study both the fundamental sciences of medicine and their application to social, cultural, political, and economic issues. She completed her capstone project on the effect of electronic health records on the physician-patient relationship. Learning about the potential benefits and significant negative consequences of EHRs showed how the implantation of concepts to action, is even more crucial than the idea itself. This summer she interned with the Institute for Healthcare Policy Innovation to determine the status of LHS activities across different departments of learning health systems (LHS). LHS can provide a new way of synthesizing EHR data to facilitate and improve clinical decision-making. In the near and distant future, she hopes to help build, upon new and existing efforts to promote health and wellbeing and community development by increasing collaborative efforts and offering interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. She believes it is critical for healthcare practitioners to emphasize building trust with patients and the community and to investigate the lived experiences of patients outside a clinical setting as much as the experiences of patients in a clinical setting. She aspires to become a public health emergency medicine physician and believes that physicians have the power to become lines of defense and champions supporting prosperity and social change.