Deborah Rooney

Deborah M. Rooney, PhD

Director of Education and Research, Clinical Simulation Center
Director 3D & Innovations Lab
Professor of Learning Health Sciences on the Clinical Track


Deb Rooney, PhD has over twenty-five years’ experience in medical education, with the last twelve focused on simulation-based education and assessment. Dr. Rooney is Associate Professor of Learning Health Sciences and the Director of Education and Research for the Clinical Simulation Center for University of Michigan Medical School and is Chair for the ACS AEI Technologies and Simulation Committee. Her interests include research with an emphasis on assessment and measurement. Particular areas of focus include validation processes associated with simulation-based education, and the application of modern measurement models for analyses of curriculums’ impact on trainees’ performance and patient care.

Areas of Interest

Research and scholarly interests: simulation-based education, performance assessment, measurement, validation of simulators and performance measures, competency-based performance assessment

Subject-matter expertise: simulation-based education, surgical education, assessment and measurement, validation processes, Rasch measurement model

Other professional highlights: 

  • Co-chair, American College of Surgeons Consortium Committee, Simulation and Technology Committee
  • Faculty, Master of Health Professions Education

Published Articles or Reviews

Selected publications:

  • Rooney DM,Mott NM, Ryder CY, Snell MJ, Ngam BN, Marnard ML, Jeffcoach DR, Kim GJ. Evidence supporting performance measures of laparoscopic salpingostomy using novel low-cost ectopic simulator. Global Surg Educ 2022 1(41):1-7
  • Hayes CL, Piehl AM, Rooney DM. Meeting the new joint commission’s maternal safety requirements. Sim. Healthcare. 2021 Aug 1;16(4):233-238. DOI: 10.1097/SIH.0000000000000561.
  • Schmidt P, Fairchild P, Fenner D, Rooney D. The Fundamentals of Vaginal Surgery Simulator pilot study: developing, validating, and setting proficiency scores for a vaginal surgical skills simulation system. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. 2021 Nov;225(5):558.e1-558.e11. DOI: 10.1016/j.ajog.2021.08.037.

A list of all publications can be found here.

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