Ghalia Ezzedine photo

Ghalia Ezzedine

Precision Health Program Certificate Student
School of Information MS Health Informatics Candidate


Ghalia Ezzedine is a first-year MHI student. Ghalia’s particular interest is in how socioeconomic factors such as environment, human behavior, education, and genomics can influence/ implicate population and individual health. Through her experience as a project manager intern at Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN), she realized a need for more rigorous use of data to implicate psychosocial and health behaviors in the healthcare sector and leverage healthcare data, such as social determinants of health to better inform medical/health decisions. The advent of technology software tools and their abilities to enrich traditional healthcare practices with social determinants of health data can be especially advantageous for underserved populations to be able to manage health conditions affordably and drive the health outcomes in these communities. Her goal in earning the Precision Health Graduate Certificate is to learn personalized approaches and methods, predictive treatment, and obtain data-driven understanding of why and how treatments are likely to be effective for a specific patient and/or population(s).