Jodyn Platt

Jodyn E. Platt, MPH, PhD

Associate Professor of Learning Health Sciences
Accepting HILS PhD Students? Yes
Accepting PIBS Students? Yes


Jodyn Platt is an Assistant Professor of Learning Health Sciences trained in medical sociology and health policy. Her research currently focuses on informed consent in cancer and genomic studies, and the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) of public health genetics, newborn screening, and learning health systems. She is interested in understanding what makes learning health systems trusted and the pathways for earning, achieving, and sustaining trust using qualitative and survey methods.

Jodyn Platt teaches LHS 750: Health Infrastructures Pro Seminar 2. 

Areas of Interest

Research and scholarly interests: Public trust in health systems, informed consent, community engagement and deliberative democracy, medical sociology, public health systems research

Subject-matter expertise: biobanking policy, community engagement, ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) research, qualitative methods, team science

Other professional highlights:

  • Member of the Go Team and Policy Task Force; Learning Health System Third Century Initiative
  • Former Assistant Director of the UM Life Sciences & Society Program
  • Former Member of the Michigan Department of Community Health Community Engagement Working Group for the Michigan BioTrust for Health
  • Founder and former chair, APHA Genomics Forum

Published Articles or Reviews

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