Krista Meserve

Precision Health Program Certificate Student
Department of Chemistry PhD Student in Analytical Chemistry


Krista is in the 4th year of her Analytical Chemistry PhD program. Her interests are in bioanalytical assay research with applications in improving public health and medicine. In her current research, she uses a microring resonator sensing platform to develop assays for immunoprofiling of varying disease states. These projects include a precision medicine approach to developing diagnostics for latent tuberculosis, longitudinal profiling of preterm neonate immune biomarkers, and a prognostic tool for Ebola virus. Her research experiences are focused on bioanalytical assay development, optimization, and application. Participating in the Precision Health Graduate Certificate Program will be an asset to her educational goal of gaining a stronger background in statistical analysis to improve the interpretation of large amounts of data and will help her career goals by providing foundational knowledge in the public health sector.