Luke DeRoos Headshot

Luke DeRoos

Precision Health Program Certificate Student
College of Engineering PhD in Industrial and Operations Engineering Student


Luke DeRoos is currently a PhD candidate in Industrial and Operations Engineering. Growing up in a remote farming community, Luke saw the massive burden of cancer diagnoses multiplied by a several hour drive to and from the hospital every week. His research encompasses his passion: bringing quality healthcare to underserved communities. Helping patients and providers understand the optimal timing of treatment can have a major impact on patient quality of life. Luke feels the Precision Health Graduate Certificate program will empower him to make his research goals a reality. The program’s emphasis on taking courses in discovery, treatment, and health will provide him with the breadth to understand the many stakeholders in healthcare, while the certificate courses will give him the depth to drive change. High-quality research is never done in a vacuum, and he hopes to leverage the network of experts in the program that span many other colleges and domains. He will use precision health to help reduce barriers to car