December 19, 2016

Dr. Karandeep Singh's review of patient-facing health app studies is e-published in JMIR mHealth and uHealth

In his paper "Patient-Facing Mobile Apps to Treat High-Need, High-Cost Populations: A Scoping Review" in the Oct-Dec 2016 JMIR mHealth and uHealth Dr. Singh describes health apps for high-need high-cost populations in the reviewed literature are largely unavailable to the public and these reviews have a high potential for conflict of interest. 

Assessing the breadth, quality, bias, and types of outcomes measured in the literature supporting the use of apps targeting high-need high-cost populations, Singh describes how only 30% of the apps studied in the reviewed literature were identifiable and available to the public through app stores (meaning most are not available for download today).  Also highly problematic, 61% of the studies were performed by the people who had developed the apps, thus increasing the potential conflicts of interest.