December 13, 2018

Physicians Lacking Shared Time in Caverly BMJ Satire

Much to do with nothing: micro simulation study on time-management in primary care co-authored by Tanner Caverly appears online today in The BMJ

DLHS faculty member Tanner Caverly, MD, MPH, teamed up with fellow U-M primary care physician Rodney Hayward, MD, and U-M neurologist James Burke, MD, to analyze how general practitioners might spend their clinic time if they had 2,000 patients each. The article, written to provide some holiday levity, was based on scientific research that demonstrates how difficult it is for general practitioners to find time to consult with their peers on preventative care for their patients.

An article on the MHealthLab site as well as one on the Institute for Health Care Innovation and Policy website entitled A Holiday Gift to Primary Care Doctors: Proof That There’s Not Enough Time For Everything They’re Expected to Do further elaborates on Caverly's piece.