January 31, 2019

De Vries Becomes Hastings Fellow

Raymond De Vries, PhD was elected in December 2018 by The Hastings Center to join a select group of fellows whose work has provided valuable insight into complex ethical issues around health and health care, environment and life sciences research.

Hasting Center Fellows are culled from a wide variety of disciplines including academic bioethicists like De Vries as well as scholars from a variety of fields including scientists, journalists, lawyers, novelists, artists and more.  They wrestle with the persistent and consequential issues that result from life sciences advancement.  De Vries is excited and thoughtful about the opportunity.  "Being a fellow of the Hastings Center is recognition of my work in the field of bioethics — a special honor, given the fact that I have been a ‘loyal critic’ of bioethics: one who believes that the work of bioethics is important, but also one who is willing to challenge the field when it loses its way and threatens to be captured by those seeking moral advice."  He goes on to describe what he is looking forward to as a fellow, "The imprimatur of the Hastings Center gives me more of voice in the field, allows me to cooperate on research with members of the center, and gives me the space to meet with other fellows on an annual basis." De Vries joins 17 other newly elected fellows from institutions around the country and the world.