May 21, 2019

3 from DLHS Receive EBS Awards

Elliot Brannon, MPH, Emily Dibble, and Jodyn Platt, PhD, were recognized at the recent Endowment for Basic Science awards on May 20th.

Faculty member Jodyn Platt received the EBS Teaching Award. DLHS Research Area Specialist Emily Dibble was honored with the Research Staff Award and HILS PhD student, Elliot Brannon, was given the EDGE award. Congratulations to all three!

"The Endowment for Basic Science (EBS) is a cooperative program developed by former U-M Medical School Dean, Allen Lichter, and the Chairs and Directors of the ten participating units.Together, we work for the advancement of research and teaching in the Medical School Basic Sciences through the development of new research initiatives, and recruitment of new faculty."

Elliott Brannon

Elliott Brannon, MPH, PhD

Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) PhD Alumnus
MD Student, University of Michigan Medical School