April 7, 2020

Stephanie Hall, MPH, Receives Health Equity Summer Research Award

HILS PhD student will use the $4,500 stipend to study stress and birth outcomes.

The Health Equity Summer Research Award is sponsored by the Institute for Health Care Policy and Innovation. This award requires recipients to work with a faculty member from a U-M school other than their own.  Hall, who is a PhD student in the Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems program, will work with Dr. Addie Weaver from the School of Social Work.  "My project focuses on whether experiencing stress during pregnancy differentially affects high-risk groups, such as women of color, and whether measuring stress can improve our ability to predict who will have a poor birth outcome," explains Hall. "Hopefully this research can be used to inform prenatal resources and care for women at high risk for preterm birth or having a baby of low birthweight."