June 25, 2020

Just Out: Sales COVID-19 Editorial Stresses Action

New in BMC's Implementation Science journal, a call to implementation scientists to move quickly in addressing Covid-19

In the editorial titled "Implementation science in the times of COVID-19" Sales, along with co-authors Michel Wensing, Rebecca Armstrong and Paul Wilson, stresses the need for implementation scientists to "not fall in love with the problems" of this monumental health crisis but to apply the tools of implementation science as readily as possible. 

Say the authors,"The emergence of Covid-19 provides an urgent need to develop new perspectives and approaches in implementation science, such as the addition of innovative and rigorous approaches to the collection, use and analysis of ‘real-world’ data. Above all, we hope that implementation scientists will focus on what they can contribute to manage Covid-19 and its consequences for people, healthcare and society."


Anne Sales, PhD, RN

Professor of Learning Health Sciences
Collaborative Lead for Implementation
Director, Clinical Quality Training, Quality Department, Michigan, Medicine
Research Scientist, Center for Clinical Management Research, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System