July 7, 2020

Four New Rise Fellows Connected to DLHS

DLHS Faculty member Andrew Krumm, HILS PhD student Hyeon Joo, MHPE graduate Margaret Wolff and Medical Education Scholars Program graduate Sandra Hearn were chosen to "develop and implement novel ideas in health sciences education" as the 2020 RISE cohort.

RISE (Research Innovation Scholarship Education) was established in 2019 by Michigan Medicine "to build the foundation for an innovation Community of Practice that engages in bold new translational educational practices for both physicians and scientists to improve learning and teaching for better health." The 18-month fellowship provides 25% FTE support, individualized competency coaching, innovation development, and up to $7500 in project support.

This year's RISE cohort of innovators all have strong connections to the Department of Learning Health Sciences (DLHS):

  • Andrew E. Krumm, Ph.D. is a new assistant professor of learning health sciences. "As a RISE fellow, Krumm will devise targeted assessment-feedback encounters to improve general surgeons’ operative performance."
  • Hyeon Joo, M.S., M.H.I., a software developer in the Department of Anesthesiology is pursuing doctorate in the Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) program. "As a RISE fellow, Joo will develop an evidence-based machine learning tool to improve the care of heart failure patients by integrating its use with practitioners and learners."
  • Margaret (Meg) Wolff, M.D., MHPE, is an associate professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics and a graduate of 2018 graduate of the DLHS Master of Health Professions Education program. "As a RISE fellow, Wolff will develop a comprehensive coaching program in graduate medical education."
  • Sandra L. Hearn, M.D., is an assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation who successfully completed the DLHS 10-month Medical Education Scholars Program.  "As a RISE fellow, Hearn will reshape the feedback culture using a virtual landscape."

Congratulations to all four fellows.

Hyeon Joo, MS, MHI

Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) PhD Student
Software Developer Lead, Anesthesiology Department, Michigan Medicine

Margaret Wolff, MD, MHPE

Clinical Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Clinical Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Curriculum Director, RISE Unit
(734) 232-2266