August 5, 2020

Singh Comments on COVID-19 Apps' Efficacy

Karandeep Singh describes potential pitfalls of relying on new COVID-19 tech tools in new STAT article.

The market is filling up with health monitoring wearables and apps that claim to help detect COVID-19.  While they may be able to collect a person's biological data, the article entitled "Covid-19 apps and wearables are everywhere. Can they actually benefit patients?" asks how accurate these methods can be in identifying specific health concerns like COVID-19.  

“I can tell you for a given system, it may be 80% accurate. But for me to show you it made someone’s care better is actually much harder to accomplish,” said Karandeep Singh, a physician and professor at the University of Michigan who studies the use of technology in health care.



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Karandeep Singh, MD, MMSc

Assistant Professor of Learning Health Sciences
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Assistant Professor of Urology
Assistant Professor of Information