December 16, 2020

Survey Study Finds 1 in 5 Experienced Discrimination in Healthcare Setting

"Patient-Reported Experiences of Discrimination in the US Health Care System" was published online today in JAMA Network Open

The study examined the responses of 2137 US adults (51% female and 49.6% male) to questions regarding discrimination they had experienced. 458 of the respondents reported some kind of discrimination experience.

The publication in JAMA Network Open online is featured in Michigan Medicine's Health Lab: "1 in 5 Have Been Discriminated Against in Healthcare Setting," highlighting the contribution of faculty member, Jodyn Platt, and first author Paige Nong from UM School of Public Health.  

Study Authors: Paige Nong, BA; Minakshi Raj, PhD; Melissa Creary, PhD; Sharon L. R. Kardia, PhD; Jodyn E. Platt, PhD