February 23, 2021

MOVE Series Features DLHS Speakers

March 25th: “Staying Alive”: Learning Health Systems and the Race Against the Clock

The Michigan Online Visionary Educators (MOVE) Series has invited Caren Stalburg, Gretchen Piatt, Chuck Friedman from the Health Infrastructures & Learning Systems (HILS) program and Michelle Williams, from the Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest learning community initiative to describe how the concept of Learning Health Systems is being applied to the real-world problem of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The group will also share how the HILS graduate program and new HILS-Online MS degree develops a workforce grounded in LHS science to transform healthcare.

Caren Stahlberg

Caren M. Stalburg, MD, MA

Collaborative Lead for Education
Associate Professor of Learning Health Sciences
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Director of HILS Online Masters

Gretchen A. Piatt, MPH, PhD

Associate Chair for Education Programs
Associate Professor of Learning Health Sciences
Associate Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education
Director of the Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) Program
Director of Precision Health Graduate Certificate Program
Charles Friedman

Charles P. Friedman, PhD

Department Chair of Learning Health Sciences
Josiah Macy Jr. Professor of Medical Education
Collaborative Lead for Infrastructure
Professor of Information
Professor of Public Health