November 8, 2021

DLHS Chair Recognized for Pioneering LHS work

Charles Friedman, PhD, received an honorary doctorate from The University of Lucerne on November 4th

Charles P. Friedman, PhD, traveled to Switzerland last week for the University of Lucerne's annual academic convocation, Dies Academicus 2021, in order to receive an honorary doctorate for his work in learning health systems (LHS) research and implementation. Professor Gerold Stucki, head of the department of Health Sciences and Medicine at the University of Lucerne, presented the award.  An excerpt of Stucki's remarks praising Dr. Friedman's foundational role in LHS development follow:  

"Professor Friedman has translated the abstract concept of a learning health system...into an operational and functioning entity for the continuous integration of knowledge into health systems, policy, and practice...making new evidence available in a machine-executable form to enable scalable learning systems. Professor's Friedman’s work has inspired the Swiss learning health system, a national platform involving all universities and universities’ applied sciences working together in the interaction of practice, policy and research towards improving health answers to our challenges."

Watch the video of Dr. Friedman receiving his degree at the Dies Academicas 2021 ceremony at time stamp 58:30

Friedman Degree Photo 

Charles P. Friedman, PhD, flanked by Dr. Gerold Stucki on the left and Dr. Bruno Staffelbach on the right