DLHS Collaboratives

To support a more seamless integration of departmental academic effort and research innovation, four Collaboratives now underpin the Department of Learning Health Sciences, each vital to the other, in advancing our mission to improve learning. All faculty, staff and students in DLHS are invited and encouraged to participate in these Collaboratives.


The Education Collaborative focuses on innovative approaches to teaching and learning within the rapidly changing health care landscape. Topics include educational program design, competency-based education, individual learner assessment, curriculum development, program evaluation, and interprofessional education. 


The Simulation Collaborative focuses on simulation-based learning, education and research within health care. Topics include advanced simulation methods, team training, patient safety improvement, and continuous evaluation, improvement and development of simulation tools.


The Infrastructure Collaborative focuses on how human society—using technology, information, and policy as tools—require sustainable infrastructures that continuously improve health.The Infrastructure Collaborative addresses how large-scale systems can routinely learn and improve through continuous self-study and self-surveillance, application of analytical methods converting data to knowledge, and subsequent application of that knowledge to drive positive change.


The Implementation Collaborative grounded in the science and practice of implementation, or putting knowledge into action. Implementation includes the convening of learning communities around solving specific health problems. Learning communities are collaboratives comprised of multiple stakeholders, including patients and families, who are directly involved in the health problem of interest and join together to co-produce strategies, share results and learn together how to improve outcomes in a cyclical, continuous, data-driven process. 

For more information on how to participate in a Collaborative via Canvas contact the following:

Education  Dierdre Jeske at dierdre@med.umich.edu

Simulation  Andrea Mitz at amitz@med.umich.edu

Infrastructure  Janelle Burleigh at jburl@med.umich.edu

Implementation  Kathie Karagiannis at karagian@med.umich.edu