DLHS Research Snapshots

The variety of research undertaken by our faculty matches the myriad of ways that learning health system principles can be applied to the many challenges facing health and medical education improvement.

Gretchen Piatt CU 2
Gretchen Piatt, MPH, PhD works on Diabetes "It is becoming imperative to move the concept of the learning health system beyond the walls of the academic medical center and into community settings, where individuals live, work, and play."  


Moyer in Ghana with partners
Cheryl Moyer, MPH, PhD, works on Maternal & Newborn Mortality in Ghana My work aims to identify and address some of the non-medical factors that can impact survival for mothers and their newborns in sub-Saharan Africa, specifically Ghana.” 


Vinod Vydiswaran snapshot pic

V.G. Vinod Vydiswaran, PhD, works on leveraging Big Data in health “Small crumbs of information about our public health is everywhere – in electronic health records, online health forums, social media and in biomedical literature. Connecting the dots between these sources and filling the gaps will help us better understand our health and take steps to improve it."



Alexandra Vinson Sunglasses cropped
Alexandra Vinson, PhD, Studies Culture to Innovate Medical Education “The healthcare system and our health professions will continue to change over time. My research contextualizes these changes as historical phenomena, helping us understand the possibilities and limits of innovation"


Andrew Krumm at the window

Andrew Krumm, PhD, Develops Future Data Scientists “While the use of algorithms has increased in the classroom and at the bedside, where the math really gets hard is in translating data products into improved processes.”


Vitaliy Popov, PhD, Leverages Technology to Improve Teamwork “We know that good teamwork saves lives…The collection of real-time team behavioral data can potentially allow for the examination of meaningful associations, observe trends, and provide team- and learner-specific feedback to each participant.”