Implementation Research

Health System Innovation

The Department of Learning Health Sciences (DLHS) works to achieve better care in Michigan Medicine and other health science schools and colleges at the University of Michigan through facilitating the enactment of Learning Health Systems and their components. Our implementation research is grounded in the science and practice of putting knowledge into action which includes the convening of learning communities around solving specific health problems. 

Ongoing Project Work

DLHS Helps Improve Colonoscopy Prep

A team from DLHS and a group of committed health care professionals from Gastroenterology (GI), initiated by Dr. Jacob Kurlander and Dr. Sameer Saini, known as the Gastroenterology Learning Community, or GI-LC, is applying the DLHS Learning Cycle approach to the problem of inadequate bowel preparation. The 35-member GI-LC designed and implemented a Patient Communication Package with three interventions which are being used at four Michigan Medicine clinics. The group is continuing to tweak the interventions, always working toward a goal of increasing the number of patients who arrive perfectly prepped for their Michigan Medicine colonoscopy.

Learning Health Systems Michigan Medicine

Led by Anne Sales, PhD, Professor and Associate Chair of Educational Programs and Health Systems Innovation in the department, Learning Health Systems Michigan Medicine (LHS-MM) serves as a steering group of faculty and staff that provides resources and structure for learning health systems projects, assists project leads with ongoing work, and reviews potential collaborations between the Department of Learning Health Sciences and internal groups at Michigan Medicine.

OB-GYN Partnership

DLHS is partnering with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Michigan Medicine to create learning health systems, with an initial goal of forming learning communities to focus on specific units and problems of concern. Our first OB-GYN Learning Community is with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division and the Fetal Diagnostic Center. Preliminary work is centered around forming a strong learning community and identifying problems of concern, strengths, and barriers to effective work processes, clinic roles, protocols, and scheduling.

By strengthening partnerships with clinical departments within Michigan Medicine our goal is to contribute to the DLHS mission of accelerating knowledge to practice to improve patient and population health—revolutionizing learning, transforming health. We aim to build a culture of discovering new knowledge, facilitating implementation of knowledge in practice, and studying the dynamic interplay of people, technology, and policy within learning communities.

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