LHS Collaboratory Project Teams

The LHS Collaboratory Project Teams provide the opportunity for interested individuals to come together to focus on real-world challenges that put the Learning Cycle into action to prevent or treat specific health problems of interest. 

LHS Collaboratory Project Teams are currently inactive.  Below is a brief description of previous project teams:

  • Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) by Continuous Learning System Approaches:  Building upon robust surveillance systems that already exist and a foundation of work that is already underway, this project team will be focused on prediction analytics to generate individual, health system, and population level (geospatial) risk profiles, beginning with kidney disease. Based on the risk profiles, the project team will design & implement tailored messaging to each of these levels to raise awareness and motivate behavior change to prevent or mitigate kidney disease.  This project team is also engaged in planning a prospective 2020 international conference on NCD prevention.  Sign up

     More Information: 

     April 24, 2018 LHS Collaboratory Seminar Series:  Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) by Continuous Learning System Approaches

     February 20, 2018 LHS Collaboratory Seminar Series:  Surveillance and Prevention of NCDs : Applying LHS Principles to Kidney Disease

  • Developing a Community-Based Learning Health System: This project team proposes to develop, implement and evaluate a behavioral health Learning Cycle specifically focused on coordination of care and access to services.  In addition, this project team plans to launch an investigative, exploratory effort to identify and connect with others who are also working on similar Community LHS initiatives.  Sign up 

     More information:

     March 20, 2018 LHS Collaboratory Seminar Series:   Developing a Community-Based Learning Health System

     February 20, 2018 LHS Collaboratory Seminar Series:  Developing a Community-Based Learning Health System

Please continue to check this page for periodic project team updates. If you would like to participate in a project group, or, attend an upcoming event, please contact LHScollaboratory-info@umich.edu for more information.