Policy and Coordination to Ensure Quality and Trust

Blackford Middleton, Co-Chair
AperVita, Inc.

Jodyn Platt, Co-Chair
University of Michigan

The MCBK Policy and Coordination to Ensure Quality and Trust Workgroup (PTWG) will identify and address gaps in policy and issues (external or internal to the MCBK community) that would impact the quality of the data and knowledge, or its trustworthiness. The PTWG will coordinate efforts to apply, evaluate, and build upon the Trust Framework to ensure that all stakeholders can participate as trusted and trustworthy agents. 

This will be an action-focused workgroup, concentrating initially on how we might define and convey transparency in the CBK ecosystem.  This activity will include alignment with the MCBK Manifesto vision of ensuring that the knowledge properly reflects the best and most current evidence and science which will, in turn, safeguard that knowledge can be trusted for use to improve health and health care. The work of the workgroup will also focus on the technical system and ensuring robust and unbiased methods to support

  1. Transparency
  2. The principles of findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability, i.e., FAIRness,
  3. Expose the currency, validity and provenance of Computable Biomedical Knowledge. 


  • Understand the current CBK landscape as it relates to trust, governance of CBK, and policies for CBK
  • Identify role and opportunities for the MCBK Community in promoting transparency and trust.
  • Define attributes of and potentially develop prototypes for CBK ‘product information labels’ that would promote transparency of trust
  • Develop model governance structures
  • Develop recommendations for measuring and evaluating trust and transparency of CBK artifacts, implementation, and evaluation


The work of the Policy and Trust Workgroup will be of interest to all stakeholders in the CBK ecosystem. MCBK Stakeholders are the knowledge creators, curators, implementers, technology providers whether it be EHR, or decision support platforms, knowledge managers, the clinical end-users, and consumers of CBK. 

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