Technical Infrastructure for MCBK

Leslie McIntosh, Co-Chair
Research Data Alliance
Chris Shaffer, Co-Chair
UC San Francisco
The charge of the MCBK Infrastructure workgroup is to identify and describe the landscape of infrastructure stakeholders; the framework components necessary to move computable biomedical knowledge from generation into practice by facilitating the testing, versioning, use, evaluation, scalability, interoperability, and dissemination of CBK; and the use cases that connect stakeholders to framework components.
The MCBK Infrastructure workgroup will serve as a clearinghouse for news and events of interest to infrastructure stakeholders and the overall MCBK Community.
We will engage with complementary efforts within MCBK and externally (e.g. RDA, GA4GH, Chan Zuckerberg BioHub) to identify what is it that makes it hard for people to implement CBK right now, and ask “how can we make it easier?”


  • Catalog infrastructure stakeholders and their primary interests 
  • Compile CBK resources and make them FAIR
  • Describe adoption cases and learn from their implementation to iteratively inform the CBK framework. 


MCBK Stakeholders are the generators, managers, and consumers of CBK and are active in knowledge generation, management, and consumption. Example MCBK Infrastructure stakeholders include:

  • Clinical researcher who uses CBK
  • Clinical providers
  • Biomedical informatics leader who runs an EHR and leads a Learning Health System
  • Consumers / patients
  • Patient organizations (e.g. Michael J. Fox Foundation)
  • Insurance companies
  • Security / IT / Compliance

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