Setarah Zandihaghighi

Setareh Zandihaghighi

Precision Health Program Certificate Student
Medical School MS Genetic Counseling Student


As a second-year genetic counseling student at the University of Michigan, I find myself increasingly drawn to the field of precision health. With advancements in genetic knowledge and diagnostic methods, it's becoming more evident that patients presenting with a constellation of symptoms require personalized treatment and management plans. I see a pressing need in healthcare for the application of cutting-edge, multidisciplinary knowledge, especially in genetics, to improve both individual and population health outcomes. This is why I'm so passionate about understanding and applying the principles of precision health in my studies and future career.

Born and raised in Iran, I moved to the United States 7 years ago and completed my undergraduate studies at the University of California, Irvine in 2021. Over the past few years, I've worked as an educator in various settings and have found immense joy in teaching individuals from all walks of life. When I'm not immersed in my studies or work, I love to read, bike around the neighborhood, indulge in photography, and catch movies at the Michigan State Theater.

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