Timothy Pletcher

Timothy A. Pletcher, DHA

Adjunct Research Investigator of Learning Health Sciences


Areas of Interest

Research and Scholarly Interests: Health Informatics, Health Policy, Health Information Exchange, Emerging Technology Adoption, Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Applied Data Science

Subject-matter expertise: Information systems architectures, System Dynamics modeling, Multi-stakeholder engagement, Effective large scale change management, Strategic alignment of policy & technology, Management of information technology

Other professional highlights:

  • 2000- As part of the Medical Readiness Trainer Project team at the University of Michigan Health System received a Smithsonian-Computer World Medal for utilizing virtual reality and computer based modeling and human patient simulation to reduce medical errors.

Published Articles or Reviews

  • An Overview of Networking for Leaders of Academic Medical Centers. Academic Medicine 68:528-532, 1993.Panko WB, Erhardt-Domino K, Pletcher T, Wilson W. Medical Readiness Trainer Team, Immersive virtual reality platform for medical education: Introduction to Medical Readiness Trainer. Proceedings HICSS 99, IEEE, 2000. Product
  • Performance Predictive Modeling, SUGI 29 Proceedings, 2004 Mentele J, Pletcher T. Modeling the Network of Loyalty-
    Profit Chain In Chemical Industry. Lee C, Rey T, Tabolina O, Mentele J, Pletcher T. Computer and Information Science, 492-499, 2006. doi: 10.1109/ICIS-COMSAR.2006.62 The Internet: will this highway serve the digital library?. Erhardt-
  • Domino K, Pletcher T, Wilson W, Atkins D, Panko WB. Bulletin of the Medical Library Association, 82(4):426-433, 1994