Wayne Davis

Wayne K. Davis, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Learning Health Sciences


Wayne K. Davis is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Learning Health Sciences at the University of Michigan Medical School. His training as an educational psychologist focused on the application of learning theory and cognitive psychology to the development of medical school curriculum and evaluation systems.  As Associate Dean for Medical Education he applied his expertise to the implementation of educational experiences and evaluation methods for the medical students at UMMS.  Also interested in behavioral medicine, he pursued research in patient adherence in diabetes mellitus and arthritis.

Areas of Interest

Research and scholarly interests: Medical education curriculum development and evaluation methods, medical student career choice, measuring the impact of educational programs on participants, measuring clinical competence of health care professionals, and improving patient outcomes through individualized interventions.

Subject-matter expertise: Educational psychology, clinical assessment, medical school accreditation, patient adherence to medical regimes, educational leadership and institutional change.

Other professional highlights: 

  • Recipient of NIH research funding for 23 consecutive years (Arthritis, Diabetes, Pulmonary Medicine, Burn Care and Residency Training).
  • Publications:  More than 70 peer-reviewed publications in professional journals, 2 books, 7 chapters in books, 16 papers published as proceedings, 96 published abstracts of scientific presentations, and numerous keynote addresses and invited presentations.
  • Elected national leadership roles:  
  • Membership on Editorial Boards:
  • National Library of Medicine Fellowship Program in Medical Informatics- Woods Hole, 2000.
  • Carole Sinicki Manuscript Award, Diabetes Educator, 1982
  • Principal Investigator, Development and Validation of the Diabetes Care Profile and the Brief Diabetes Knowledge Test.
  • Director, Educational Development and Evaluation Core Facility and Executive Committee member, Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center 1977-1997
  • Director, Educational Development and Evaluation Core Facility and Executive Committee member, Michigan Multipurpose Arthritis Center 1986-1987
  • Visiting Scholar Univ. of Calif. San Diego Medical School (1984-85)
  • Visiting Professor:  Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia (1996)
  • Liaison Committee on Medical Education Accreditation site team member to: Stanford University Medical School, Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine and University of Washington School of Medicine
  • Vice President (Education in the Professions) American Educational Research Association.
  • National Chair, Group of Educational Affairs, Association of American Medical Colleges.
  • President, (2 terms) Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education.
  • Diabetes Care (Journal of the American Diabetes Association) 1980-86
  • Research in Medical Education (Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)) 1986-89 Chair 1988-89
  • Academic Medicine (Journal of the AAMC) Associate Editor 1988-1989

Leadership positions at UMMS

Founder & First Director- Univ. of Michigan Medical Education Scholars Program, 1998

Associate Dean for Medical Education, 1991-1997

Associate Chairman, Department of Medical Education, 1982-1997

Director, Office of Educational Resources and Research, 1978-1997

Assistant Dean for Medical Education, 1989-1991

Assistant Dean for Curriculum, 1982-1987                

Published Articles or Reviews

Published Articles or Reviews

Dielman TE, Hull AL, Davis WK.  Psychometric properties of clinical performance ratings.  Eval and the Health Prof 1980;3(1):103-117

Davis WK, Hull AL, Boutaugh ML.  Factors affecting the educational diagnosis of diabetic patients.  Diabetes Care 1981;4(2):275-278

Davis WK, Kelley WN.  Factors influencing decisions to enter careers in clinical investigation.  J Med Educ 1982;57(4):275-281

Davis WK, Hess GE, Harrison RV, Hiss RG.  Psychosocial adjustment to and control of diabetes mellitus: differences by disease type and treatment.  Health Psychol 1987;61(1):1-14

Davis WK, Hess GE, Hiss RG.  Psychosocial correlates of survival in diabetes?  Diabetes Care 1988;11(7):538-545

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Davis WK, Nairn R, Paine ME, Anderson RM, Oh M.  Effects of expert and non-expert facilitators on the small-group process and on student performance.  Academic Medicine 1992;67(7):470-474

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Davis WK, Oh MS, Anderson RM, Gruppen L, Nairn R. Influence of a highly focused case on the effect of small-group facilitators' content expertise on students' learning and satisfaction.  Academic Medicine, 1994;69(8):663-669.