Yujia Tian

Yujia Tian

Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) PhD student
Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) student


Yujia is the first PIBS student in the HILS program. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Her education background is in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, as well as Statistics. In her previous research experience, she participated in a neuro lab using experimental approaches to develop an optical biosensor for real-time imaging of neuropeptide release. She also focused on a project to profile the COVID-19 vaccine associated adverse events (AEs), by applying statistical tools and ontology analysis. Her growing interest is in Ontology, clinical informatics and Precision Health. She is typically fascinated by the integration of ontology with different domains, such as Bipolar disorder.

She has a German Shepherd named Jacky. Her favorite sport is orienteering, and she has represented her country in the Swedish Orienteering 5-day race in 2015. In her spare time, she also enjoys skiing and traveling. She is also a loyal F1 fan.

Areas of Interest

She is developing genetically encoded detectors for neuropeptide release based on class B G-protein coupled peptide receptors.

Precision Health and Ontology

Published Articles or Reviews


  1. Guo W*, Deguise J*, Tian Y*, Huang PC, Goru R, Yang Q, Peng S, Zhang L, Zhao L, Xie J, He Y. Profiling COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events by Statistical and Ontological Analysis of VAERS Case Reports. Front Pharmacol. 2022;13:870599. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2022.870599. PMID: 35814246. PMCID: PMC9263450.
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Conference articles:

  1. Statistical VAERS Data Analysis and Ontological Classification of Vaccines Significantly associated with Guillain-Barre Syndrome Adverse Event, 2022 Vaccine and Drug Ontology Studies workshop (VDOS-2022), in association with ICBO 2022. Author name: Yujia Tian*, Kallan Roan*, Wenxin Guo, Hongfan Chen, Jingya Yu, Yichao Chen, Yongqun “Oliver” He
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