Zhe Zhao, MS

Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) PhD Student

1161 North Ingalls Building


Zhe Zhao is a PhD student in the HILS program. His research focuses on applying statistical and machine learning methods to electronic health records (EHR) and claims data for risk predictions and making causal inference. Prior to becoming a HILS PhD student, Zhe worked as a statistician in Michigan Medicine, analyzing treatment effectiveness for cirrhosis patients in US population and providing statistical consultations to multiple clinical research teams. Currently, he is particularly interested in how to leverage the power of EHR data and machine learning to generate new knowledge in health at a low-cost setting.

Zhe holds a master’s degree in Applied Statistics from the University of Michigan and bachelor’s degree in statistics and economics from Boston University. In his free time, Zhe enjoys being in the nature, hiking, backpacking and scuba diving, but he also enjoys staying at home, where he can cook, make coffee, and watch movies.

Areas of Interest

Novel statistical methods to support learning health systems

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