Tuesday, December 7, 2021

fMRI Lab Speaker Series

4:00 PM
In person:  4 p.m. Herbert H. Dow Building (North Campus), room 1014
Zoom:  https://umich.zoom.us/j/96772739218  passcode: 864498
Dissection of Brain Network Activity and Neuronal Cell-Type Specificity Using High-Resolution fMRI
Alberto L. Vazquez, Ph.D

Optical and magnetic resonance based imaging methods are uncovering information about brain function and dysfunction with an unprecedented level of detail. Transgenic rodent models have enabled the dissection of neuronal cell-type contributions to vascular responses and hemodynamic imaging in the mammalian brain. These studies motivate the use of high-resolution fMRI for estimating excitatory and inhibitory activity from hemodynamic responses as well as monitoring brain dysfunction in an array of brain diseases. Altogether, these findings continue to support a bright future for fMRI and hemodynamic imaging methods for basic and clinical research studies.